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My Diet Plan with Melilea

Monday, 10 August 2009

As I told you before, I'm struggling very hard to lose my weight. Rather than using untrustable diet pills or doing some crazy diet plan, I choose Melilea as my diet plan.

The first time I knew Melilea was in 2007. I heard from one of my friend that Melilea can reduce your weight in a heathly way. At that time, I thought it was worth-trying to try this product and finally I bought it. I bought it from online store. The price was around 550 thousand rupiahs for the big bottle and 160 thousand rupiahs for the small one.

Most of people don't like drinking this product because the smell is so bad that you can throw up instanly. The first time I drank Melilea, I felt the same way too.... but I tried not to think about it and just think the result after I drank it. In a month, I drank the big bottle of Melilea and thanks God! I lost about 6 kilos! I was so happy!!! I felt much lighter and healthier. It was too bad that I didn't continue drinking Melilea to mantain my weight.

Now, after I have my own salary, I start using Melilea again. especially with the fact that I'm getting married in the next two months. My target is to lose around 5-6 kilos, so My weight is about 48-50 kilos (now I'm 55 kgs). Well, it's a long way to go and of course it will full of sacrify. I don't mind. i really don't mind at all.......

so, now all we can do is just wait and see....

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