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November Beauty Haul - Part 1

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

How's life going, girls? Yesterday I went shopping with my husband at Margo City and Detos, Depok. At first, I didn't plan to buy stuffs but I bumped into some cute things and I couldn't resist myself not to buy them. LOL.

So, here are things I bought yesterday...

I bought these all, of course, with a purpose. Apparently, I ran out of body mist and perfumes. The last body mist I had at home was Playboy Play me sexy! The smell was sweet and fresh. I loved it  and finished it to the last spray but I wanted to try others (who knows I'd find one which smells good as well). Then, while I was window-shopping, one of the shop assistant sprayed me with the body mist. It wasn't really bad, so I gave it a try. I was going to buy only one body mist but the shop assistant insisted me on buying a package of 3 body mists with a special price. Finally, I ended up buying the package. The good thing was I could choose the variant I like. So far, I like all the smell. 

FYI, the orange one smells exactly like Angel from Thierry Mugler! 

On the way home, I asked my husband to stop at the drugstore. Since I'm on a skin treatment using Vitacid (gonna tell you about this later), I must buy this sunblock. Actually, I can use other sunblock (I have Skin Aqua at home which I always use every day) but I feel more secure using Parasol. So, with IDR 48,000, I brought this sunblock home with me.

Lastly, I adopted this lipcream from NYX for IDR 95,000. Well, the price isn't cheap, but the result is AWESOME! The creamy texture makes it really smooth on my (usually) dry lips. The colour is Stockholm, which is a nude colour, again. ^.^

That's all folks! Hope you enjoy it and please wait for all the reviews. I cannot promise you much, but I'll try to write the reviews as soon as possible...


[FASHION] A daily look of a voluptuous woman with hijab who has a tight budget

Tuesday, 5 November 2013
Wearing hijab doesn't mean you can't be stylish because fashion is unlimited, baby!

Being voluptuous doesn't mean you can't wear fashionable clothes, girls! 

Having a tight budget doesn't mean you can't follow the latest style! 

Here is the proof of a voluptuous woman with hijab who has a tight budget (read: me)

TBI Depok Halloween Party 2013

Saturday, 2 November 2013
Happy Halloween! 

TBI Depok held a halloween party last friday on 1st of November 2013 for all its students, parents, and teachers. We (especially I) had tons of fun on that day! The students put a lot of effort on their costumes. You can see it from the photos. Their costumes were great! 

Talking about costume, actually I was going to be the little red riding hood, but because the stupid tailor forgot to sew my hood *that's the most important part of the costume* I finally ended up being a gipsy woman. Well, the idea popped out of my head exactly 2 hours before I left my house. I basically dug my wardrobe to find anything suitable to be a gipsy. At the end, I wore my purple skirt, my pink batwing top, and all my accessories. Huff.... 

Okaaay, that wasn't the story I wanted to tell you (well, actually it was. I blew my top about the tailor!). I wanted to share how happy and exciting the students were when we had the party. Moreover, I'd like you to see my creation *huh* as in my make-up creation. How so? There is Yuli, one of our Student Advisor who had no idea of Halloween make-up (I second that..), so she asked me to do her make-up. I was on cloud nine when she asked me! It gave me an opportunity to practice my skill.

I didn't do much to her face since she kept grumbling on how she never puts on any make-up. What I did was applying my Revlon PhotoReady foundation, black and grey eyeshadows, red lipstick, and black, bold eyeliner.  Here was the result of her make-up. ^.^

Here are others photos during the party!

Miss Indy, Mariyam, and Yuli
The photo on the left was a photo of Miss Indy as a gypsy woman, Mariyam as a scary Pinocchio,  and Yuli as a Persian Princess (I guess). I know, Miss Indy and I were wearing the same costume. I didn't blame miss Indy anyway. It was totally the unpredictable thing that happened. T.T (hope she didn't mind that I wore the same costume).
 Then we had some photos of students who were dressed up as ghosts, monsters, and princesses.

This was Kevin as a ghost from Scream film. He was also the first winner of The Best Costumes
Some students from Sunshine Coast class
 Before the party, Victor and I had classes to teach. They were children classes. Even before the party started, they had dressed up as princesses, fairies, ghosts, witches, and zombie!
Here were students from classes before we had the party.

Did I tell you that I took Deniz to the office that day? It meant that he had to dress up for the party as well. However, Deniz, as little rascal as he could be, didn't want to dress up as a monster or ghost. He said that he was a good boy (what?!) and he wanted to be a doctor just like Doctor McStuffin, a cartoon series from Disney Junior. So, here he was, dressed as a doctor.
Vinny and Deniz!

 Finally, we called it a day! After all students went home, we had a photo session. You can see from the photo that Mariyam was definitely the scariest of all while Uci was the cutest since she was pretending to be cat woman. LOL.

That's a wrap! see you next Halloween!

Be Careful of Scammers on Facebook!

Thursday, 17 October 2013
Lately, I've been receiving messages on my Facebook account. At first, I didn't really pay attention on those messages since I rarely open my Facebook (except when I'm having a group chat with my friends). Those messages didn't bother me much until I read a blog post on Kompasiana about scammer. What scared me to death was the story she wrote was exactly the same as what happened to me! 

The writer said that scammers are playing a con trick where they make up a Facebook account using other people's names and photos. Usually, they use photos and names of army soldiers, I mean real soldiers. These photos can be found on internet by doing some googling. I must admit that they are really smart by using soldiers since soldiers (especially Caucasians -- nope, I'm not being racist here, just stating a fact in my country) are good-looking (if not handsome) and attractive.

Moreover, the scammers then send messages to potential victims (of course women) telling them that they are soldiers who are looking for partner and they fall in love with you from the photos on your Facebook, bla bla bla.... They will bomb you with compliments, love messages, and others which apparently make some women feel like they are the most beautiful  and the luckiest women on earth. Unfortunately, that is exactly the effect they look for. When the women finally fall prey into their charm, that's the time the scammers start their con. Basically, they will say that they're going to send money to the women and the women have to take the money at the airport. Sadly, they've got problem at the airport and the women have to pay an amount of money if they want to get the money from the soldier. Well, you can guess the rest of the story.

After I read the story from Kompasiana, I checked my messages on Facebook and hell no! I got tons of messages from scammers. Fortunately, I'm not a girl next door and a goody two shoes kind of woman who easily fall into these kind of tricks. I'm married to the best man in the world, so why would I change it? In addition,  I have natives (they are from UK and they are men) as my colleagues, so it's not something extraordinary. 

However, I see that mostly Indonesian women adore bule (native people). Don't they know that they aren't as good as their appearance? Once, I walked to the ATM centre at the mall with one of my colleagues and I got a jealous look, even a dirty look from other women. Gosh, come on girls! Open up your mind! This is why there are lots of scammers because they know they can trick Indonesian women easily. 

By the way, these are messages I got in my Facebook account....
this one was quite simple.....

This one was quite simple too.

I'm not sure if this man is really a native, his writing is bad! I wonder if he graduated from primary school.

This is quite stupid. His account name's GenJack Stultz but he said that his name's Leah Serrano. Yeah, talk to my hands!

This man definitely graduated from primary school since he wrote with good composition. However, the poetry really made me sick!

Hell no! Fiancee?

No comment, I'm totally sick of these messages!

Lastly, I do hope that girls and women in Indonesia are aware of these scam. Don't let them fool you. There are plenty of good Indonesian men you can choose. If you receive the same messages just like mine, please delete them straightaway. 

Stay safe from scammers!

[FASHION] Outfit of the Day - Ravishing Red look

Friday, 11 October 2013
As my office is exactly next to the shopping centre in Depok, I can't help myself not going there every day. I usually have a short trip to the ATM centre there and do a little window-shopping just for fun. Personally, I do believe the power of retail therapy where you buy things to ease your feeling. Many celebrities have this retail therapy to help them with the fame stress. Unfortunately, sometimes it backfires on themselves where they get addicted to shopping, aka. become a shopaholic. Luckily, window shopping and a couple times of shopping are more than enough for me.

Okaaay, let's cut the crap...

What I'm trying to say is I wrote this post because I want to show you my latest look, wearing a dress I bought recently. I adore the dress so much that I wish I could wear it every day (which is totally impossible because people will think that I run out of clothes). What I love from the dress is the bold cherry-red colour, which is a really eye-catching piece of art (if I may say). So, let's take a look!

EOTD Feat. Maybelline Hyper Glossy Runaway Pop Eyeliner in #Tangerine Orange

Thursday, 10 October 2013
Hello girls!

I'm terribly sorry I haven't posted anything yet since I'm really busy lately with my jobs. Jobs? Yes, I'm working as a teacher, a mother, and a house wife at the same time. Xixixixi.

Remember my review about Maybelline Hyper Glossy Eyeliners? (read it here girls!) Since I bought them, I hadn't got any chances to put them on. So, last week, I encouraged myself to put on this orange eyeliner. It was kinda tricky to be able to create a great overall look with this eyeliner since the colour is really bright and eye-catching. Finally, after hours of consulting my best friend Shapie about this, I was able to pull off this look. Yeaaay!

Let's take a look of the photos!
Maybelline Hyper Glossy Runaway Pop Eyeliner in #Tangerine Orange

I took these photos around 9 in the morning. It was hot and sunny, as always, but I extremely LOVE the sun since it will make the photos look better with good lightning exposure (now I sound like an expert photographer X_X).

As you can see, I pulled off this eye look by combining black eyeliner (I used Wet and Wild H2O Proof liner, wait for the review later!) and the orange eyeliner from Maybelline. It was really frustrating putting on those two eyeliners because I had to make a straight line with same width (can we use this verb to describe about eyeliner??? *confuse*). To make it more difficult, I had to wait for a couple minutes before I could apply the next eyeliner. Gosh, what a hard work!

At last! It was a pay-off after I looked at the results. On that day, I was wearing a flowery, peach and green blouse, blue jeans, and a plain green cotton shawl. Since I got green colour splattered on my blouse and it was definitely the main colour of my shawl, I decided to put on green eyeshadow to line my lower eye line. What I did was I dabbed my cream eyeliner brush (it's Masami Shouko brush) with a drop of e.l.f Make Up Lock and Seal. Then I took green eyeshadow from my LT Pro Eyeshadow Shiny Palette (it's got a very gorgeous green colour!) and lined it on my lower eye line. Awesome!

I remember it was Saturday and I was teaching two children classes. On my first class, it was full of very young English learner. I was singing and dancing with them when suddenly one of my student jumped on my back and literally pulled my shawl! Fortunately, it wasn't ripped. But then again, I had to take a short trip to the toilet to fix my shawl. Gosh! I've never known that teaching children could be so dangerous! After the toilet trip, this was my shawl looked like...

What do you think, girls? I did this turban style not only because the previous style was a bit dangerous (in children class), but also because the shawl itself was kinda wrinkled. I hate wrinkled shawls and veils! That's a BIG NO for me. I have no idea whether it is a AYE or NAY for this style. Fortunately, so far no one gives bad comments, which is good/bad ???

Well, I guess it's a wrap for my EOTD Feat. Maybelline Hyper Glossy Runaway Pop Eyeliner in #Tangerine Orange. Thanks for reading! 

PS. These are products I used to create this look
Skin care
- Hada Labo Ultimate Whitening Lotion and Milk
- Skin Aqua UV Moisture Gel SPF 30 PA++
- Etude Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Berry face primer
- Revlon Colorstay 24 Hr Foundation #220 Medium Beige
- Maybelline Hyper Glossy Runaway Pop Eyeliner in #Tangerine Orange
- Wet and Wild H2O Proof Liner in Black
- elf Eyebrow Kit in #Medium
-  LT Pro Perfecting Blush in #03
- Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Creme in #117 Almost Nude
- Wardah TWC

New font and background image for my beloved blog!

Sunday, 22 September 2013
It seems odd that I have time browsing the internet just to find a suitable background image for my blog, but I haven't got time to write down any reviews. *sad face*

Anyway, I'm a moody person and I've had the previous background image for about 8 months. I think it's about time to change it so that I have a fresh-looking blog. Hopefully it can boost my writing mood which seems a bit lazy lately (again, blame my gigantic college homework!). I also think that my previous blog font is too small. I have no idea why I chose that font since I, myself, am a very short-sighted. Even worse, I rarely wear my glasses as I hate how they make me dizzy. So, I choose a bigger and less curvy font. 

I can only hope by this changes, all readers feel more comfortable while reading my blog.... 

That's all folks!



Komunitas Make Up & Beauty Indonesia - First Gathering Regional Depok

Wednesday, 18 September 2013
 I've joined a beauty community called Komunitas Make Up & Beauty Indonesia on Facebook (check it here!) for a while and it's such a fun to share thoughts and tips about make up and beauty stuffs online. Though we only communicate by chat or short messages, I feel like they are my real sisters where we can share every thing. Weird, huh? The truth is, I really can connect with some of the members and we end up sharing not only about makeup, but also about our life.

One of them who is really close with me is sista Shapie (don't be surprised with her name. Her real name's Fitri). We can chat for hours talking about stuffs, even rubbish! Surprisingly, we live in the same city, which is Depok. What a coincidence! This fact makes us closer than before. (later, I found out that she was paskibraka too, just like me! another strange coincidence!) 

So one day, we talked about the idea of having a gathering for other members who live in Depok. We believe that there must be girls in Depok who also a member of the community, so why don't we gather and get to know each other? After discussing the idea, we decided to hold an informal gathering. Why informal? because it's not officially from the administrators of the community and it's only for those lived in Depok.Then, Shapie posted the idea on Facebook and we were so happy that we got good feedback. 

Finally, after weeks arranging the gathering, we met each other face to face last Sunday at Margo City Depok. Yeaaaay! I was so happy! It's really nice to be able to put names on their faces since we only met online before. Actually, there were 12 members said that they could join the gathering but only 4 of us who really made it (Shapie, me, Cici Angie, and Nenty).

We didn't have special agenda on that day because our main reason to meet each other is to get to know each other well.  I can say that I'm so grateful I can make new friends with same interests. Another thing that I love so much is we get along together, even though we only met for a short time. I found out so many interesting information about Cici Angie and Nenty whom I just met (well, I have met Shapie before so I'm not really surprised ^.^). They are as funny as clowns! I couldn't stop laughing when Cici Angie shared her experience as a director's secretary (do you know? she handles 7 directors at the same time!). I've never known life as a secretary could be so stressful yet hilarious! And there was Nenty, a mother of an elementary first grader, who always smiled even though her blouse was wet because of the rain. She is such an animated mom! especially when she told us the story behind her wet blouse. LOL ^.^ Another funny thing was the two of them complained of their teh tarik which tasted like ginger and cinnamon but they still finished it. 

Sadly, Shapie came really late, like 3 hours late. If anything was to blame, it was the traffic. She was as pretty as usual. After she came, we talked a bit about make up where Shapie taught me how to use highlighter (thanks for lending me The Balm Mary-Lou manizer and the Masami Shouko brush). Cici Angie also had a touch up session because her makeup was ruined by the rain and three of us (Shapie, Nenty, and me) were literally staring at her. Then, we tricked the Margo Platinum Screen security so that we could use the toilet there. We also had a short window shopping session and didn't buy anything (we should arrange our next gathering right after the pay day T.T).

And here are photos taken on that day! 

Overall, I love you girls more in real life! Hopefully, we can meet again in the next gathering and other members who couldn't make it on that day can come. 


Maybelline Volum' Express The Falsies Waterproof Mascara - Another Fake Product!

Monday, 2 September 2013
Setelah aku posting tentang perbedaan maskara Maybelline Volum'Express The Falsies Waterproof Mascara (yang belum baca silahkan melipir ke sini), ternyata banyak teman pencinta makeup yang nanyain apakah maskara mereka asli atau palsu. Termasuk sis Putri Khusnul yang rela mengirimkan paket berisi maskara yang diduga jadi-jadian dengan maksud supaya bisa dibandingin dengan maskara punyaku. Jadi, postingan review lainnya harap antri dulu yeeee.

Baiklah, sebelum kita mulai, aku cuma mau menekankan kalau aku bukan seorang makeup expert ataupun pegawai litbang Maybelline (emang ada ya?), tapi aku orang yang sangat menghargai kesehatan dan keselamatan jiwa dan raga *halah* dengan cara membeli produk kosmetika yang asli . Gak mau dong mata jadi bintitan atau bengkak gegara pake makeup pelsong?

Let's start!

Kalau sebelumnya aku membandingkan antara maskara yang asli dan maskara yang bener-bener keliatan palsunya (ketahuan gak niat malsuinnya), alias KW 3. Kali ini, berkat bantuan dari sis Putri Khusnul, aku bisa membandingkan yang asli dengan yang KW Super-nya.

Dari foto diatas, kelihatan banget kalau bentuk, warna, dan tulisan yang ada di botolnya sama persis. Plek! (hadeh, bahasa apa ini?). Tapi, dengan meminjam kekuatan Superman yang punya mata laser *eh, bener gak sih?* aku bisa menemukan perbedaan dari tampilan luarnya. Ternyata sodari-sodariku setanah air, botol boleh sama, tapi tingginya beda! Yang asli terlihat lebih tinggi (meski cuma beberapa mili aja).

Di foto berikutnya, kita bandingin label yang ada di bawah botol. Ternyata, warna dan kode yang dicetak berbeda lho. Di maskara KW Super ini, warna labelnya lebih gelap dibandingkan dengan yang asli. Sama dengan label maskara KW 3. Selain itu, kode yang tercetak terlihat seperti diprint dengan font yang tebal dan tidak rapih. Lagi-lagi sama dengan maskara kw 3. Kalau yang asli, labelnya berwarna lebih muda, font terbaca jelas meskipun kecil, dan kode yang ada seperti dicetak emboss, bukan sekadar diprint.

Nah, kalo diperatiin lagi nih, si bagian bawah botol ini bentuknya juga beda lho. Yang palsu terlihat masuk ke dalam, sedangkan kalo yang asli rata aja.

Untung banget maskara punya sis Putri Khusnul ini plastik pembungkusnya belum dilepas. Kenapa untung banget? Karena justru dari si plastik pembungkusnya inilah bukti nyata mana yang asli dan mana yang palsu! Ini bener-bener otentik banget deh! Mari kita mulai dari bar code...

Nah, kelihatan kan? bar code yang palsu lagi-lagi cetakannya berantakan, tebal dan berbayang. Sebaliknya, yang asli bar code terlihat rapi, tidak berbayang dan jelas.

Baiklaah, siapkan diri anda untuk bukti otentik berikutnya *tahan napaaaas*
Tuiing! bingung kan? kok maskaranya bisa kebalik-balik gitu? Jadi si gambar dan tulisan "WITH PRO-KREATIN + FIBERS" pada maskara yang palsu itu adanya di bagian badan botol dan posisinya kebalik. Nah, kalau yang asli, gambar dan tulisan itu adanya di tutup botol dan nggak kebalik.

Sama hal-nya dengan diatas, daftar bahan alias ingredients-nya pun terbalik. Sekali lagi, yang palsu adanya di badan botol dan terbalik. Kalau yang asli posisinya ada di tutup botol dan nggak terbalik. Ditambah lagi, font untuk ingredients pada maskara asli, walaupun kecil, tetap bisa terbaca. Sedangkan yang palsu? lagi-lagi font-nya beda dan ngasal cetakannya, juga berbayang.

Tuh kan? dari tampak luar aja sebenernya udah bisa kok dibedain mana yang asli dan mana yang palsu. Iya nggak? Tapi demi memuaskan hasrat rasa penasaran sista semua, mari kita telanjangi bagian dalamnya *halah*.

Eng ing eeeeeng....... jreng jreng jreng *bayangin suara2 topeng monyet*

Sodari-sodari semua, pas tutup botolnya dibuka, tertangkap basahlah kalau ini jelas maskara palsu! Silahkan pelototin sendiri bentuk kuasnya... Ternyata bentuk kuasnya setali tiga uang dengan maskara palsu kw 3. Ganggang kuasnya lurus dan kuasnya bentuknya nggak melengkung seperti yang asli.

Ditambah lagi tekstur maskara yang sepertinya lebih cair dan berbau tajam. Emang sih semua bau maskara rada menyengat, tapi kalau yang palsu itu baunya nyengat banget sampe mata pedes. Liat aja maskara yang palsu, isinya berantakan dan menggumpal gitu sampai bibir botolnya kotor. Bandingkan dengan maskara asli yang bibir botolnya rapi, nggak ada maskara yang menggumpal atau nyangkut.

Perbedaan lain yang terpampang nyata *duh, aku kok kaya kesambet roh Syahrini?* adalah tutup botolnya! Yak, lagi-lagi, sama seperti yang ditemukan pada maskara palsu kw 3, tutup botolnya tebal dan kelihatan bahan plastik murahan. Yang asli? Tutup botolnya rapi, diameter lebih besar dan terbuat dari bahan yang berkualitas.


Maskara punya sis Putri Khusnul ini jelas banget PELSONG TINGKAT DEWA! Kenapa tingkat dewa? Karena si pemalsu niat banget nyamain botolnya dan mungkin belajar dari kesalahan kalo produk palsu sebelumnya tulisannya beda sama yang asli. Boleh jadi, maskara ini adalah pengembangan dari produk palsu sebelumnya *berasa laporan kuliah banget gak seh?*

Tapi, sekali lagi, yang namanya barang palsu, mau semirip apapun pasti ada bedanya. Dan foto-foto diatas adalah bukti nyata perbedaan antara yang asli dan yang palsu. Semoga bisa membantu sista semua untuk membedakan. Aku disini Cuma ingin menekankan aja, bahwa produk kosmetika palsu semakin tersebar luas jadi mohon lebih waspada ketika akan membeli. Please, jangan deh percaya sama gombalan seller yang bilang kalo produk ini diambil dari pabrik/distributor langsung. Atau bilang kalau seller punya temen BA Maybelline yang selalu dapet jatah produk. Apalagi kalau ada seller yang mengaku BA Maybelline dan menjual produk dengan harga lebih murah. 

Pokoknya say NO!

Semua gombalan itu adalah cara mereka untuk meyakinkan buyer kalo produk mereka asli, bukan pelsong atau gaje. Please, sekali lagi, be a smart buyer. Jaman kita ini udah canggih, akses internet gampang, semua bisa terkoneksi, cari informasi apa aja tinggal colek mbah Google. Beli produk kosmetika di tempat-tempat yang sudah terpercaya. Jangan tergiur harga murah/diskon. Sabar aja say, Maybelline sering banget kok kasi diskon resmi untuk produk mereka. 

Last word, be a smart buyer sista! Sehat itu masih jauh lebih penting daripada cantik.... *meskipun sehat dan cantik pun juga penting, hehehe*

Thanks for reading!

[REVIEW] - Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse Foundation #090 Natural Ocre

Tuesday, 27 August 2013
Holla! Welcome back to my blog! Before I start another review, I'd like to thank to all of you who read my blog and post comments. I also encourage you, silent readers (yes! YOU!), to share ideas and thought on comment box so that I know whether you like my blog or not...

Okay, today I'm going to review my latest Haul after I used it for about a week.  For those who know me, I'm not a big fan of Revlon but I give this one a try...

Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse Foundation #090 Natural Ocre.

Let's get ready!

I know, this foundation is a bit pricey for those drugstore makeup lovers. I guess this is the most expensive foundation I've ever purchased. I rarely use foundation in my daily makeup but I read some great reviews on this product and decided to give it a try. I bought mine at Centro Department Store, Margo City Depok for 160.000 IDR (around $15.00). To my suprise, Revlon had a promo month 'BUY 1 GET 1 FREE' for some items. Fortunately, this foundation is one of it! Yeeaaay! So I got 2 foundations for 160.000 IDR. It means that I only paid 80.000 IDR each.
If you want to buy this or other product, run to the nearest department store as you only have 3 days left..


PhotoReady Airbrush™ Mousse Makeup, an air-light makeup provides a flawless finish, whether it’s on camera or in person. The whipped texture allows you to blend evenly for undetectable coverage, leaving you with a smooth poreless complexion. The formula’s photochromatic pigments bend and reflect light to minimize flaws, leaving you with perfectly airbrushed skin in any light – indoors, outdoors, or under the flash of a camera. Oil free, fragrance free. Use alone or over PhotoReady™ Primers.

It comes in a spray can package. Yeah, a can since it's got foam texture (imagine whipped cream). So be careful not to store this near a heater or any other type of hot surface. Otherwise, it may explode. The ingredients and the information of the product is hidden on its label. You have to peel the label to see them. 

This foundation comes with nozzle pump (I've told you, it's just like whipped cream) and you have to shake the bottle well before use. Anyway, the nozzle pump is sealed at first.

Ingredients (courtesy

Aqua (Water) , Neopentyl Glycol Diheptanoate , Isotridecyl Isononanoate , Butylene Glycol , Isobutane , Pentaerythrityl Tetraisostearate , Propane , Isostearic Acid , Nylon-12 , Boron Nitride , Tromethamine , Cocamide MEA , Phospholipids , Lecithin , Sorbitan Laurate , Propylene Glycol Laurate , Propylene Glycol Stearate , Disodium Lauroamphodiacetate , Sodium Trideceth Sulfate , Sorbitan Stearate , Glyceryl Stearate , Isostearyl Behenate , Steareth-2, , Laureth-7 , Xanthan Gum , Steareth-21 , Polysorbate 60 , C-13-14 Isoparaffin , Stearic Acid , Acrylates , C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer , Hexylene Glycol , Methyl Methacrylate Crosspolymer , Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate , Polysorbate 20 , Isopropyl Alcohol , Polyacrylamide , Silica , Triethoxycaprylylsilane , Phenoxyethanol , Caprylyl Glycol , 1,2-Hexanediol , May Contain: Mica , Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891) , Iron Oxides (CI 77491, 77492, 77499)

Based on Revlon, it said that it's oil-free (great for those with oily skin), fragrance-free, paraben-free. 

And here's what one quick pump of the nozzle will yield. It's a it difficult to control the amount of the foundation. I always end up having too much or not enough (it's better not enough so you can pump more). 

As you can see, when you press the nozzle,a burst of air infused mousse will shoot out. It starts of as an airy lightweight mousse with lots of bubbles. But when you touch it, it becomes creamy and thick. 
This is what it looks like when I applied it onto my palm. I obviously put too much of it so half of my hand looks like a ghost hand! 

On my face (I applied it using a sponge), the texture is not that thick. It gives light to medium coverage. The coverage itself can hide minor imperfections and redness. But it doesn't cover some of my dark spots (note: need to use concealer). In sunlight or under the lights, there is that signature PhotoReady shimmer (which is also in the other PhotoReady foundations). For those who don't like shimmery makeup, I don't really recommend this. The shimmers can be too much when you look at the mirror (especially when you put too much on your face). However, in photos, you can't even see the shimmers and make your skin flawless and glowy.

Anyway, I also found out that you have to wait a while until the foundation blends with your skin. Otherwise, you will have a too-white face.  After 2-3 minutes, it will blend perfectly on your skin and you are ready to put your makeup on. What I like, it didn’t oxidize on my skin, even though I was sweating or under the heat. 

 It's got great staying power! for a week, I used this foundation for about 9 hours (start my makeup at 12 pm and arrive home at 8-9 pm) and it still okay on my face. Please note that I have a super oily skin and sometimes I'm sweating while teaching children class. 
It is true that after 5-6 hours, I can see that it's seriously fading, so I do some tricks by blotting my face with oil paper (Clean&Clear Oil Paper), spray face mist (Daiso Collagen Fixing Face Mist), dab it with tissue, and apply loose powder (Bless Loose Powder). The result is great! I got my flawless, dewy skin again!

It said that it's fragrance-free. Sadly, I smell a strong sour scent, almost like a chemical ingredient. After a while, the scent fades a bit.

I guess this product gives way better coverage than my BB Cream (read about Caring Color BB Cream Everlast here). It also makes my skin looks flawless and great when photographed. However, if you have heavy flaws you're trying to conceal, this product may not suitable since the coverage is light-medium. This product will be suitable for people who like tinted moisturizer or those who don't like heavy makeup but still want to look good. 

One thing to  remember, it will give you sparkly, shimmery face. So if you don't mind with that, this foundation may be great for you. So far, I like this foundation even though it doesn't cover all my flaws (you can see the proof). It means that I'm not trying too hard to cover my flaws so I still look like a human (not a Barbie Doll). Besides, the shade matches perfectly with my skin tone. ^.^

  • Perfect shade for my skin tone.
  • Doesn't make any breakouts.
  • Good staying power for my oily skin. 
  • Light-medium coverage.
  • Gives a smooth, dewy skin and great when photograph.
  • Need a little amount to cover all face.
  • Need careful blending to get even skin.
  • Takes time until the foundation blends perfectly. 
  •  A bit pricey (if you don't get the promo).
And these are some great photos taken when I used this product....

[REVIEW] SILKY GIRL Double Intense Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof #Blackest Black

Sunday, 25 August 2013
This SILKY GIRL Double Intense Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof #Blackest Black is the latest eyeliner I bought (it was on Tuesday to be exact). I was in Margo City, hunting for Revlon Photo Ready Mousse Foundation (wait for review soon!) when I saw this in Watsons. Being an eyeliner junkie, I couldn't help myself to buy it *and keep telling myself that I haven't found my HG eyeliner yet*

Let's get ready!

Well, this eyeliner is quite cheap. I bought it for 35.000 IDR (around $ 3.50). I notice that many eyeliners have price in this range, so it's okay for me. You can buy this SILKY GIRL eyeliner in their booths. We can find them in department stores and drugstores, so if you are planning to adopt this baby, just go there. I bought mine at Watsons Margo City Depok.

When you first buy it, it's still wrapped in plastic where you can find the ingredients, expired date, distributors and maufactured date printed there. Again. When it comes to the package, it's quite boring because now many eyeliners use this same package (Revlon, Inez, e.l.f, LT Pro, Maybelline, you name it....). The eyeliner itself is quite small. I love it though, it doesn't need big space in my tiny make-up pouch.

This eyeliner has a felt tip brush, just like Pixy eyeliner (check the review here!). The brush wand isn't long, which is great so that I can have a steady grip while applying this eyeliner. However, the felt tip brush doesn't slide smoothly on my eyelids. As a result, I have to make a couple strokes to get a good line.

I can't predict the consistency of this product, but if I compare it to Pixy, SILKYGIRL liquid eyeliner has thicker consistency. It dries quicky on your eyes too! It is also very pigmented with a matte result. Mind that you have to shake the bottle before applying it.  ^.^


On the first picture (left), I made one line on my hand and waited it dry for 3-5 minutes. As you can see, it's got a fine matte result which I love so much. Middle picture, I ran tap water on my hand for about 1 minute and there wasn't any smudge. After under the running water, I dabbed my hand with tissue and rubbed the line (last picture). OH NO! The line faded and slightly smudged. I'm a bit disappointed with this result.

Now let's see photos when I use this SILKY GIRL Double Intense Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof . FYI, I've got oily lids.
these photos were taken on Day-1 (the day after I bought it). It stayed all day (FYI, I taught until 9 pm and went home by angkot). At home, I didn't see any smudges nor faded lines. It was great. Sadly, on Day-2, it didn't show same result. Here are the photos taken on Friday (23rd August 2013)....
On Friday afternoon, I taught children class where there were 10 little monsters who kept running around the class for 2 hours. I remember I sweated a lot when the class ended. Then, I had a date with my hubby who picked me up at TBI, so we went on a date by motorbike.These photos were taken on Friday around 10 pm, directly after I arrived home. It's obvious that the lines were wearing off and a bit smudge (especially under my right eye). In my opinion, the smudge and wear-off are still tolerable (maybe it happened because I was at the back of motorbike and also because I was sweating a lot).

Despite the fact that it smudges and wear-off when sweating, I think this product is still a catch. I love the felt-tip brush which makes it easy to apply. The sleek and tiny bottle is also good that you needn't much space. Just be careful when you sweat a lot, dab your eyes with tissue so you can avoid the smudge.

Will I buy this product again? Hmm, I'll think about it but for now, I will use it for my daily make up. It seems that I'm  still in a hunt of my HG eyeliner.

  • Cheap, can be found in many stores.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Felt-tip brush, makes it easy to apply.
  • Short brush for a steady grip to make precise line.
  • Good pigmentation with matte result.
  • Waterproof (as long as you don't rub your eyes when they are wet). 
  • The consistency/the felt tip brush (?) doesn't slide smoothly. 
  • Have to make few strokes to get a full line. 
  • not smudge-proof.
That's all I can say about this product.
How about you, girls? Have you got the same opinion?
Please share your fave eyeliners! 

[REVIEW] e.l.f Brightening Eye Color Quad #Luxe and FOTD!

Friday, 23 August 2013
Lately, I've been investing my money on make-up goods and writing reviews about them. One brand that really capture my heart is e.l.f (eyes.lips.face). It's a low-end USA brand which has wide range of decorative make-ups. One range that I religiously buy is their essential range. All products in this essential range are only $ 1.00! Great, huh? Unfortunately, we can't find the products in Indonesia since they haven't got any representative here yet *sigh*. The only option to buy e.l.f products is by PO system in online shops.

Today, I'm going to review one of their product from the essential range called e.l.f Brightening Eye Color #Luxe. So please sit back and enjoy the review ^.^

It's extremely cheap! It's only $ 1.00 (about 9.000-10.000 IDR). Sadly, here we won't find e.l.f stores/booths since they're not for sale in Indonesia. Because of this, the price we have to pay for this cute quad is 35.000-40.000 IDR ($ 3.50). The price becomes more expensive as we have to pay the shipping cost. 

It's definitely the smallest quad I've ever seen around the market. The material is plastic with a see-through  on top. The material seems cheap and tacky (well, it is cheap) but I don't really mind. Fun Fact! at first, I thought there isn't any mirrors on it but then I've just realized that the mirror is attached on the applicator compartment (which is useless and too small). The applicator isn't good enough and a bit hard on your eyes, so I just leave it unused and use my other applicator.
left: four colours, right: the tiny mirror

There are four colours, which are Light Cream, Red, Moss Green, Light Brown (hopefully I describe the colours right). All of them are shimmery. What I like is the shimmer isn't too obvious so it's great for daily look. Pigmentation is pretty decent. Not super pigmented (which may be a con to some) and can still be used for a natural look. If you want to make the colour pop more, use e.l.f Make-Up Lock and Seal or any eye primers before. 

And here are the swatches! 
above (left-rigt): outdoor; Light Cream, Red, Moss Green, Light Brown. Bottom: indoor

Here are photos when I used e.l.f Brightening Eye Color #Luxe (It was a hot an sunny day and I could capture some great photos that day)

I like the colour combinations. All colours look great and can be worn from day to night look. Despite that it's a bit chalky and powdery, I still think it's okay. The tiny package makes it easy to carry on my make up puch (in case I need touch up). 

Nay, I think it takes ages to finish this quad (at least until I hit the pan). Besides, I already have some great palettes which also take time to finish. Maybe I'll buy the other colour from this range. 

  • Great colour combination.
  • Cheap
  • The pigmentation is okay (for me it's good enough, especially for daily and natural look) 
  • Love the sheer colours (not too shimmery)
  • The package looks cheap T.T
  • The quads are a bit chalky and powdery.
  • The lasting power is kinda poor (tip: use eye primer to make it longer)
  • The mirror is too small and useless.
  • The quality of its applicator is so-so. 
Okaaaaay... before you've got sore eyes, I'll show you my other photos with this e.l.f Brightening Eye Color #Luxe

What do you think? It's a YAY or NAY for you?
Please share your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!

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