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[REVIEW] - Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse Foundation #090 Natural Ocre

Tuesday, 27 August 2013
Holla! Welcome back to my blog! Before I start another review, I'd like to thank to all of you who read my blog and post comments. I also encourage you, silent readers (yes! YOU!), to share ideas and thought on comment box so that I know whether you like my blog or not...

Okay, today I'm going to review my latest Haul after I used it for about a week.  For those who know me, I'm not a big fan of Revlon but I give this one a try...

Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse Foundation #090 Natural Ocre.

Let's get ready!

I know, this foundation is a bit pricey for those drugstore makeup lovers. I guess this is the most expensive foundation I've ever purchased. I rarely use foundation in my daily makeup but I read some great reviews on this product and decided to give it a try. I bought mine at Centro Department Store, Margo City Depok for 160.000 IDR (around $15.00). To my suprise, Revlon had a promo month 'BUY 1 GET 1 FREE' for some items. Fortunately, this foundation is one of it! Yeeaaay! So I got 2 foundations for 160.000 IDR. It means that I only paid 80.000 IDR each.
If you want to buy this or other product, run to the nearest department store as you only have 3 days left..


PhotoReady Airbrush™ Mousse Makeup, an air-light makeup provides a flawless finish, whether it’s on camera or in person. The whipped texture allows you to blend evenly for undetectable coverage, leaving you with a smooth poreless complexion. The formula’s photochromatic pigments bend and reflect light to minimize flaws, leaving you with perfectly airbrushed skin in any light – indoors, outdoors, or under the flash of a camera. Oil free, fragrance free. Use alone or over PhotoReady™ Primers.

It comes in a spray can package. Yeah, a can since it's got foam texture (imagine whipped cream). So be careful not to store this near a heater or any other type of hot surface. Otherwise, it may explode. The ingredients and the information of the product is hidden on its label. You have to peel the label to see them. 

This foundation comes with nozzle pump (I've told you, it's just like whipped cream) and you have to shake the bottle well before use. Anyway, the nozzle pump is sealed at first.

Ingredients (courtesy

Aqua (Water) , Neopentyl Glycol Diheptanoate , Isotridecyl Isononanoate , Butylene Glycol , Isobutane , Pentaerythrityl Tetraisostearate , Propane , Isostearic Acid , Nylon-12 , Boron Nitride , Tromethamine , Cocamide MEA , Phospholipids , Lecithin , Sorbitan Laurate , Propylene Glycol Laurate , Propylene Glycol Stearate , Disodium Lauroamphodiacetate , Sodium Trideceth Sulfate , Sorbitan Stearate , Glyceryl Stearate , Isostearyl Behenate , Steareth-2, , Laureth-7 , Xanthan Gum , Steareth-21 , Polysorbate 60 , C-13-14 Isoparaffin , Stearic Acid , Acrylates , C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer , Hexylene Glycol , Methyl Methacrylate Crosspolymer , Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate , Polysorbate 20 , Isopropyl Alcohol , Polyacrylamide , Silica , Triethoxycaprylylsilane , Phenoxyethanol , Caprylyl Glycol , 1,2-Hexanediol , May Contain: Mica , Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891) , Iron Oxides (CI 77491, 77492, 77499)

Based on Revlon, it said that it's oil-free (great for those with oily skin), fragrance-free, paraben-free. 

And here's what one quick pump of the nozzle will yield. It's a it difficult to control the amount of the foundation. I always end up having too much or not enough (it's better not enough so you can pump more). 

As you can see, when you press the nozzle,a burst of air infused mousse will shoot out. It starts of as an airy lightweight mousse with lots of bubbles. But when you touch it, it becomes creamy and thick. 
This is what it looks like when I applied it onto my palm. I obviously put too much of it so half of my hand looks like a ghost hand! 

On my face (I applied it using a sponge), the texture is not that thick. It gives light to medium coverage. The coverage itself can hide minor imperfections and redness. But it doesn't cover some of my dark spots (note: need to use concealer). In sunlight or under the lights, there is that signature PhotoReady shimmer (which is also in the other PhotoReady foundations). For those who don't like shimmery makeup, I don't really recommend this. The shimmers can be too much when you look at the mirror (especially when you put too much on your face). However, in photos, you can't even see the shimmers and make your skin flawless and glowy.

Anyway, I also found out that you have to wait a while until the foundation blends with your skin. Otherwise, you will have a too-white face.  After 2-3 minutes, it will blend perfectly on your skin and you are ready to put your makeup on. What I like, it didn’t oxidize on my skin, even though I was sweating or under the heat. 

 It's got great staying power! for a week, I used this foundation for about 9 hours (start my makeup at 12 pm and arrive home at 8-9 pm) and it still okay on my face. Please note that I have a super oily skin and sometimes I'm sweating while teaching children class. 
It is true that after 5-6 hours, I can see that it's seriously fading, so I do some tricks by blotting my face with oil paper (Clean&Clear Oil Paper), spray face mist (Daiso Collagen Fixing Face Mist), dab it with tissue, and apply loose powder (Bless Loose Powder). The result is great! I got my flawless, dewy skin again!

It said that it's fragrance-free. Sadly, I smell a strong sour scent, almost like a chemical ingredient. After a while, the scent fades a bit.

I guess this product gives way better coverage than my BB Cream (read about Caring Color BB Cream Everlast here). It also makes my skin looks flawless and great when photographed. However, if you have heavy flaws you're trying to conceal, this product may not suitable since the coverage is light-medium. This product will be suitable for people who like tinted moisturizer or those who don't like heavy makeup but still want to look good. 

One thing to  remember, it will give you sparkly, shimmery face. So if you don't mind with that, this foundation may be great for you. So far, I like this foundation even though it doesn't cover all my flaws (you can see the proof). It means that I'm not trying too hard to cover my flaws so I still look like a human (not a Barbie Doll). Besides, the shade matches perfectly with my skin tone. ^.^

  • Perfect shade for my skin tone.
  • Doesn't make any breakouts.
  • Good staying power for my oily skin. 
  • Light-medium coverage.
  • Gives a smooth, dewy skin and great when photograph.
  • Need a little amount to cover all face.
  • Need careful blending to get even skin.
  • Takes time until the foundation blends perfectly. 
  •  A bit pricey (if you don't get the promo).
And these are some great photos taken when I used this product....

[REVIEW] SILKY GIRL Double Intense Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof #Blackest Black

Sunday, 25 August 2013
This SILKY GIRL Double Intense Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof #Blackest Black is the latest eyeliner I bought (it was on Tuesday to be exact). I was in Margo City, hunting for Revlon Photo Ready Mousse Foundation (wait for review soon!) when I saw this in Watsons. Being an eyeliner junkie, I couldn't help myself to buy it *and keep telling myself that I haven't found my HG eyeliner yet*

Let's get ready!

Well, this eyeliner is quite cheap. I bought it for 35.000 IDR (around $ 3.50). I notice that many eyeliners have price in this range, so it's okay for me. You can buy this SILKY GIRL eyeliner in their booths. We can find them in department stores and drugstores, so if you are planning to adopt this baby, just go there. I bought mine at Watsons Margo City Depok.

When you first buy it, it's still wrapped in plastic where you can find the ingredients, expired date, distributors and maufactured date printed there. Again. When it comes to the package, it's quite boring because now many eyeliners use this same package (Revlon, Inez, e.l.f, LT Pro, Maybelline, you name it....). The eyeliner itself is quite small. I love it though, it doesn't need big space in my tiny make-up pouch.

This eyeliner has a felt tip brush, just like Pixy eyeliner (check the review here!). The brush wand isn't long, which is great so that I can have a steady grip while applying this eyeliner. However, the felt tip brush doesn't slide smoothly on my eyelids. As a result, I have to make a couple strokes to get a good line.

I can't predict the consistency of this product, but if I compare it to Pixy, SILKYGIRL liquid eyeliner has thicker consistency. It dries quicky on your eyes too! It is also very pigmented with a matte result. Mind that you have to shake the bottle before applying it.  ^.^


On the first picture (left), I made one line on my hand and waited it dry for 3-5 minutes. As you can see, it's got a fine matte result which I love so much. Middle picture, I ran tap water on my hand for about 1 minute and there wasn't any smudge. After under the running water, I dabbed my hand with tissue and rubbed the line (last picture). OH NO! The line faded and slightly smudged. I'm a bit disappointed with this result.

Now let's see photos when I use this SILKY GIRL Double Intense Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof . FYI, I've got oily lids.
these photos were taken on Day-1 (the day after I bought it). It stayed all day (FYI, I taught until 9 pm and went home by angkot). At home, I didn't see any smudges nor faded lines. It was great. Sadly, on Day-2, it didn't show same result. Here are the photos taken on Friday (23rd August 2013)....
On Friday afternoon, I taught children class where there were 10 little monsters who kept running around the class for 2 hours. I remember I sweated a lot when the class ended. Then, I had a date with my hubby who picked me up at TBI, so we went on a date by motorbike.These photos were taken on Friday around 10 pm, directly after I arrived home. It's obvious that the lines were wearing off and a bit smudge (especially under my right eye). In my opinion, the smudge and wear-off are still tolerable (maybe it happened because I was at the back of motorbike and also because I was sweating a lot).

Despite the fact that it smudges and wear-off when sweating, I think this product is still a catch. I love the felt-tip brush which makes it easy to apply. The sleek and tiny bottle is also good that you needn't much space. Just be careful when you sweat a lot, dab your eyes with tissue so you can avoid the smudge.

Will I buy this product again? Hmm, I'll think about it but for now, I will use it for my daily make up. It seems that I'm  still in a hunt of my HG eyeliner.

  • Cheap, can be found in many stores.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Felt-tip brush, makes it easy to apply.
  • Short brush for a steady grip to make precise line.
  • Good pigmentation with matte result.
  • Waterproof (as long as you don't rub your eyes when they are wet). 
  • The consistency/the felt tip brush (?) doesn't slide smoothly. 
  • Have to make few strokes to get a full line. 
  • not smudge-proof.
That's all I can say about this product.
How about you, girls? Have you got the same opinion?
Please share your fave eyeliners! 

[REVIEW] e.l.f Brightening Eye Color Quad #Luxe and FOTD!

Friday, 23 August 2013
Lately, I've been investing my money on make-up goods and writing reviews about them. One brand that really capture my heart is e.l.f (eyes.lips.face). It's a low-end USA brand which has wide range of decorative make-ups. One range that I religiously buy is their essential range. All products in this essential range are only $ 1.00! Great, huh? Unfortunately, we can't find the products in Indonesia since they haven't got any representative here yet *sigh*. The only option to buy e.l.f products is by PO system in online shops.

Today, I'm going to review one of their product from the essential range called e.l.f Brightening Eye Color #Luxe. So please sit back and enjoy the review ^.^

It's extremely cheap! It's only $ 1.00 (about 9.000-10.000 IDR). Sadly, here we won't find e.l.f stores/booths since they're not for sale in Indonesia. Because of this, the price we have to pay for this cute quad is 35.000-40.000 IDR ($ 3.50). The price becomes more expensive as we have to pay the shipping cost. 

It's definitely the smallest quad I've ever seen around the market. The material is plastic with a see-through  on top. The material seems cheap and tacky (well, it is cheap) but I don't really mind. Fun Fact! at first, I thought there isn't any mirrors on it but then I've just realized that the mirror is attached on the applicator compartment (which is useless and too small). The applicator isn't good enough and a bit hard on your eyes, so I just leave it unused and use my other applicator.
left: four colours, right: the tiny mirror

There are four colours, which are Light Cream, Red, Moss Green, Light Brown (hopefully I describe the colours right). All of them are shimmery. What I like is the shimmer isn't too obvious so it's great for daily look. Pigmentation is pretty decent. Not super pigmented (which may be a con to some) and can still be used for a natural look. If you want to make the colour pop more, use e.l.f Make-Up Lock and Seal or any eye primers before. 

And here are the swatches! 
above (left-rigt): outdoor; Light Cream, Red, Moss Green, Light Brown. Bottom: indoor

Here are photos when I used e.l.f Brightening Eye Color #Luxe (It was a hot an sunny day and I could capture some great photos that day)

I like the colour combinations. All colours look great and can be worn from day to night look. Despite that it's a bit chalky and powdery, I still think it's okay. The tiny package makes it easy to carry on my make up puch (in case I need touch up). 

Nay, I think it takes ages to finish this quad (at least until I hit the pan). Besides, I already have some great palettes which also take time to finish. Maybe I'll buy the other colour from this range. 

  • Great colour combination.
  • Cheap
  • The pigmentation is okay (for me it's good enough, especially for daily and natural look) 
  • Love the sheer colours (not too shimmery)
  • The package looks cheap T.T
  • The quads are a bit chalky and powdery.
  • The lasting power is kinda poor (tip: use eye primer to make it longer)
  • The mirror is too small and useless.
  • The quality of its applicator is so-so. 
Okaaaaay... before you've got sore eyes, I'll show you my other photos with this e.l.f Brightening Eye Color #Luxe

What do you think? It's a YAY or NAY for you?
Please share your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!

Liebster Award

Thursday, 22 August 2013
I've been writing blog since I was in college but it wasn't serious. I guess it was because I haven't found my passion yet. Now, I'm trying to write on my blog regularly in between my tight schedule (yes, imagine being a house wife, a mother, and also a teacher. It's quite tiring). Lately, I've been writing about beauty and stuffs ^.^

Suprisingly, I've just been nominated for Liebster Award! It was Lova Cloverina who nominated me. Thanks sis! Honestly, I have no idea what this award about until I googled it and found out that this award rocks! It's a great way to know your fellow bloggers who share same interest and support each other. 
The Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. So, what is a Liebster?  The meaning: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. Isn't that sweet? Blogging is about building a community and it's a great way to connect with other bloggers and help spread the word about newer bloggers/blogs.

Here are the rules for receiving this award:
  1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you
  2. Answer the 10 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you
  3. Choose 10 bloggers who have under 200 followers and nominate them
  4. Come up with 10 questions to ask the chosen bloggers  
  5. Go to your nominees' blogs and notify them
I'm very flattered to get this award from sis Lova Cloverina. I hope we can be close friends by blogging our mind! ^.^ Again, thanks a bunch!
Here are my answers to sis Lova's questions! 

1. Describe yourself in 3 words!
Talkative, Tender, and Tough (they all start with letter T! which represent my name 'Tya')

2. Favorite activities to do in your spare time?
Reading, reading, and reading! It's my getaway whenever I have spare time. I read mostly everything, from novels to comics. 

3. Beach or mountain? Why?
Definitely BEACH! Beaches are obviously more breath-taking than mountains. I love how the wind blows my face with fresh air, dive and snorkel at the sea, and I don't mind having sunburn. ^.^  I guess I found out that I prefer beach than mountain when I was in college. Since i'm majoring in Biology, we did have lots of activities outdoor at beaches and mountains and I felt more thrilled when we went to the beach!. Besides, I always get bad experience in mountains T.T 

4. Describe your fashion style!
Colour-matched and chic. I need to dress practically because as a teacher, I not only teach adults but also children. So I try to dress comfortably (when teaching children) yet still fashionable (to teach adults).And it must be colour-matched!  

5. Favorite fashion designer(s) and brand(s)?
I have no favourite designers neither brands. I have a philosophy that it doesn't have to be expensive to be pretty. Most of my clothes are bought either in ITC or street vendors. I have a favourite shop in ITC where all the clothes are only 38.000 IDR! and they look great! Nobody believes that my clothes are less than 50.000 IDR. They always think I buy those at boutiques or department stores. I never buy clothes in department stores unless they give more than 50% discount!

6. Skincare and/or makeup products that you can not live without?
Liquid eyeliner, e.l.f Eyebrow Kit, My Konjac Sponge,  

7. If you can only bring 3 items with you on a deserted island, what’d you bring?
 My Victorinox Swiss Army knife (I learnt a hard lesson when I was in college to bring this wherever I go. It's one of the basic survival kit), sarong, and mosquito repellent.

9. Thing(s) you learned recently? (like new recipes or new makeup looks ^^)
Lately, I've been learning how to apply eye shadow using different shades. That's why I invest in eye palletes and eye brushes. 

10. Lifetime wish(es)?
I hope someday I can go to Makkah with my husband and children and publish my own poetry book (I've been writing poems but it's kinda difficult to publish this genre in Indonesia).

  1. Dine Aisyah
  2. Thika
  3. Lova Cloverina
  4. Wulan Putri
  5. AnisFRD
  1. Tell 11 Fun Facts about yourself!    
  2. How much time do you spend per week on your blog?   
  3. What’s something you regret, and how would you change it if you could?    
  4. Who/what's the biggest influence in your life?    
  5. Flat shoes, High heels, or wedges? Why?   
  6. Which one do you prefer? local brand cosmetics or non local? why?  
  7. If you could have any super power, what would it be, and why? (yep. I totally just went for a classic.)    
  8. Are you a morning person or night person?   
  9. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? why?    
  10. What's something you find annoying? 

    Please lemme know if you have answered my questions. I'd love to read it and get to know well about fellow bloggers. Thanks! 

    [REVIEW] Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner #Tangerine Orange & #Hot Pink

    Tuesday, 20 August 2013
    I've been looking for liquid eyeliner with other colours than black because I'm a bit bored with black and brown eyeliners. They're just too mainstream! even though I still use black eyeliner everyday. Then, I read a blog which said that Maybelline has just released new product, which is liquid eyeliner. I'm suprised that Maybelline released them not only in black, but also other colours. There are five colours (if i'm not mistaken).This is the answer of my prayers!

    So when I went to Margo City Depok last Friday, waiting for my husband for our date, I couldn't help running to Maybelline booth and bought these two babies! Girls, let me introduce you to the latest product of Maybelline *drums roll please* 

    Unfortunately, since these are new products so there isn't any discount. I bought these with normal price which is 49.000 IDR (around $ 5.00) each. I don't mind though because this is definitely the cheapest price for non-local brand which has coloured liquid eyeliner. These can be found in every store with Maybelline booth and also in some local cosmetic shops (like in ITC). However, in some cosmetic shops, they only sell the black ones. 

    For 49.000 IDR, the package is quite small. I don't know whether it's a trend in eyeliner product or not, but I do realize nowadays there are many eyeliner products which have same packaging; not only imported brand, but also local brands. I have e.l.f Liquid Liner and Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner which have got the exact packaging. While from local brand, you can see that La Tulipe Liquid Liner and Inez Fine Line Eyeliner also have same packaging.

    Just like other Maybelline products, these are also wrapped in plastic which's got information printed on it. Sadly, the information is quite important (distributor, manufacture date, expired date, and ingredients). I assume Maybelline do this because these eyeliners are so tiny that they haven't got any areas where they can write down the information on the product. But hey, I've got no privilege to change this, have I?

    The brush tip is sharp enough to make fine line. I n addition, I like the brush wand which isn't long so that I can have a better and steady grip. The brush itself is soft and flexible. It's a plus point because you don't want to hurt your eye lines.

    #Hot Pink

    #Tangerine Orange

    The texture of the eyeliner itself isn't thick enough. I have problem when I applied it onto my eyes, I got some area which wasn't covered with it. The solution is I have to reapply 2-3 times to make the colour pop on my eyes.

    This is the moment we are waiting for! Let's see the swatches! *please ignore the fake lashes since I didn't put them on well*

    What I love from these liners are the colours are so bold and make your eyes pop instantly! d^.^b
    with #Tangerine Orange
    with #Tangerine Orange
    with #Hot Pink

    with #Hot Pink

    Maybelline is famous because most of their products are proven to be waterproof (even when you cry out all your tears) so I have high expectation on these babies. The result is.......

    YES! They are waterproof! I tested them on my hand and let them dry. After a while, I put my hand under running water and they stayed still on my hand. Funny thing, I completely forgot to remove these liners on my hand and did my daily housework. At night, I realized they were still there! Great! I even tried to rub with my fingers but they didn't fade or peel-off easily. Finally I used my make-up remover to erase the lines.When I tried it on my eyes, they stayed there for hours (I've got oily skin and do lots of outdoor activities)

    I do love these eyeliners. I can skip my eyeshadows when I'm in a rush and just use these liners and my eyes will pop! It's also proven to be waterproof (which is very important since you don't want to have pink and orange smudge).

    Will I purchase the other colours? Definitely YES! except the navy ones since it looks like black eyeliner.

    I discovered that if I only use the eyeliner without bold and thick lashes, my eyes will appear dull and not bright.  To solve this problem, here are some tips you can do:
    • Apply mascara that lengthen your lashes and makes your lashes thick (I recommend Maybelline The Falsies, Maybelline The Magnum, and Relian Mascara). 
    • Or, use fake lashes to make your eyes pop. If you want, you can coat your lashes and the fake lashes with mascara too. (In those photos, I didn't coat my lashes with mascara but only use fake lashes)

    • Bright colours!
    • Cheap (if compared with other brands, like PAC)
    • Easy to find (available in mostly every department stores that have Maybelline booth)
    • Waterproof and smudgeproof
    • Glossy result (for some people who don't like glossy look, it will be a problem, but not for me ^.^)
    • The texture isn't thick enough. You have to shake the bottle first.
    • it isn't as cheap as the black ones (the black ones is only 35.000 IDR)
    So, what do you think girls? Have you got the same opinion?
    Please share your thought!

    Thanks for reading!

    [REVIEW] SILKY GIRL Magic Pink Lip Balm - Fragrance-free

    Thursday, 15 August 2013
    Gosh, this was the second baby I adopted today. I should make a mental note not to bring my purse to ITC. Otherwise I will keep adopting babies from cosmetic shops. Okay, I was hunting for nude lipstick when  I read some reviews about how good this lip balm is over the internet. I instantly made a note to buy this lip balm after I read the reviews. So, this is my short review of this product. Enjoy!

    For those who aren't familiar with this brand, SILKY GIRL is a brand from Malaysia. At first, I thought it was Indonesian since they have Gita Gutawa (teenage singer from Indonesia) as its brand ambassador. Later, I found out that it's actually a Malaysian brand (yeah, I know, even though they keep stealing stuffs from my country, they produce really good make-up goods). This brand seems to target teenagers and women in their early 20s. It's clear to see from their colour selections in each range of product. Lately, they've been expanding their products. One of those is this lip balm. It comes in 3 different variants, which are strawberry, cherry, and fragrance-free. Mine is the fragrance-free one.

    This baby is definitely affordable where you can buy this lovely lip balm for only 20.000 IDR (around $1.50). The price can be cheaper or more expensive depending on where you buy it. I bought mine for 18.000 IDR in a local cosmetic store in Depok. This lip balm can be easily found in many stores and drugstores in Indonesia. 

    At the very first time I saw the package, it reminded me of Japanese brands. The design seems familiar (don't you think Koji Dolly Wink brand has a common in its design with this one?). However, I love the package. It looks cute, sweet, and fresh. It suits their market well. I know I'm not a teenager yet not in my early 20s, but hey, it doesn't matter, does it? 

    Just like other lip balms brand, this SILKY GIRL Magic Pink Lip Balm comes in a paper package with a plastic covering the lip balm. In its cover, it's written 
    • colour-changable
    • Natural sheer pink colour
    • Moisturizes and soften lips
    It's also said that it could moisture your lips for 6 hours! Wow. I definitely need this lip balm if it says so. Mine comes in a fragrance-free because I don't want useless ingredients in my make-up. At the back of the package, it's written
    A colourless lip balm that magically blooms into a subtle, natural pink when applied on lips. Specially formulated from natural ingredients to help lock in moisture for 6 hours, giving you soft and luscious lips. With antioxidant-rich Vitamin E to prevent against the harmful drying effect of the environment, as well as a luxurious blend of nourishing oils. 

    Jojoba oil: A natural plant extract that effectively moisturizes and soften lips.
    Shea Butter Oil: Helps to retain moisture and maintain skin's elasticity.
    Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil: An emollient to soften and smoothen lips. 

     This lip balm is magic! because the lip balm itself is colourless in the tube, but when you apply it to your lips, it gradually changes into a sheer pink colour, which is cute! LOL. When I first applied it onto my lips, I got a cool sensation (which could be a bit annoying if you apply it too much), as if you put cold ice on your lips. I suspect this cool sensation comes from the mentol as one of its ingredients. Another thing, you will have greasy lips when you apply it. I guess it's because it contains various oil. However, I hate the greasy look. It looks as if I have just eaten oily food. 

    Be careful not to apply more than once since the colour can be too pink, which is unnatural. Since I have pigmented lips, what I do is apply it only on my bottom lip and close both of my lips to transfer the lip balm onto my upper lip. I works well on me. Moreover, wait until the grease disappear from the lips (I'm not really patient so I just dab my lips with tissue). Then, you will have the natural sheer pink colour which is very nice. 

    For me, it works just like lip tint. I like lip tint except that it makes my lips dry and chapped (even though I use the branded and expensive one). So this lip balm is really a magic when I don't want to put on any make-up or when I want to have natural make-up. So far, this lip balm proves that it can keep my lips moist. I don't really count how many hours until I felt my lips dry, but it's not a big problem for me though.

    These are pictures of me using this lip balm. What do you think?

    Overall, I like this lip balm because not only it gives me natural pink lips, but also it's quite cheap. Will I repurchase? Hmm, maybe. I'm planning on trying Maybelline Lip Balm which is also colour-changable. I will make up my mind after I compare both lip balms. 

    • Cheap! and cheap!
    • Gives me natural pink lips.
    • Can be found in almost every store.
    • Moist my lips more than 3 hours (maybe more, I don't know)
    • Greasy 
    •  Gives you fail lips if you apply too much.
    • Cool sensation can be a bit annoying. 

    [REVIEW] My Darling Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Black

    Today I had my usual visit to my regular cosmetic shop in ITC Depok. Yep, I couldn't resist buying beauty stuffs. Again. I think I should blame my office and myself for being so close to ITC so that I always have an enormous urge to go there and shop. Huff. Fortunately, my hubby seems okay with my make-up fetish lately (yeah, he's okay as long as I use my own money. Duh)

    Actually, two days ago I already bought a liquid eyeliner (I'm going to post the review soon). But then today I ended up buying another liquid eyeliner. Again. I guess I'll never stop buying eyeliners until I find my Holy Grail eyeliner. This eyeliner I bought is quite famous around beauty bloggers from Indonesia since it's cheap and has a good quality. That's one of the reason (read: excuse) why I bought this cute stuff. So please sit down, relax, and enjoy the review!

    This item is definitely the cheapest in market! With only 10.000 IDR (about $1.00) you can adopt this baby. Most cosmetic shops sell this eyeliner. Funny thing, though, you won't find it in big stores. Well, it's better like that or else they're going to raise its price.

    For a cheap cosmetic, it doesn't come in a cheap package. It is actually quite good since it's packaged in a box (compared to other eyeliners where they usually only use plastic wrapping). The box's made of thick glossy paper and it's obvious that orange dominates the colour. On it we can find information about the eyeliner (manufacture date, expired date, manufacturer, ingredients, and instructions). It is also said that this eyeliner is available in 4 colours (black, blue, brown, and transparent). Fortunately, I've been searching all over places but could only find the black one (please do tell me if you find the other colours). 

    Inside the box, the eyeliner sits nicely and safely. The eyeliner itself comes in black glossy plastic material with gold-coloured information printed on it. I love how they put the information there. It means that the manufacturer is responsible of what they sell. What I love more is the heart-shape cap. It's definitely cute.

    The brush handle is quite long which can be a problem for those who aren't experienced using liquid eyeliner. However, the brush itself has good quality. It's soft yet stiff enough to make a fine line on your eyes. The consistency of this eyeliner is quite watery where it takes more than 3 minutes to dry. These are pictures I took when I tested it on my hand.
    left-right: First apply, after 3 minutes, after 5 minutes
    It took more than 3 minutes to dry perfectly. I didn't know whether I applied it too thick or it's because of its consistency. However, the result is a black matte line, which I like so much since not many eyeliners give matte results (most of them are glossy-finished line which I don't mind though).


    left-right (up): under runny water, after I dabbed it with tissue, left-right (bottom): scrubbed with fingers, scrubbed harder 

    After it dried, I ran water on my hand to test it. Under runny water, It didn't fade or smudge. Then I dabbed it with paper tissue, the result was quite shocking since it didn't smudge at all. Feeling more curious about this eyeliner, I scrubbed my hand lightly with my fingers. What happen was the eyeliner started to fade, but it still didn't smudge. It fell into flakes. Last test, I scrubbed my hand harder and it faded, leaving a vague line on my hand.

    So, I can conclude that this eyeliner is waterproof as long as you don't scrub your eyes. Once you scrub your eyes, it will fall off into flakes. Thank God it's only flakes without any smudge. I can't imagine having black eyes as if someone has just punch them. >.<"

    Overall, I like this eyeliner. It's suitable for those who are practising applying liquid eyeliner and starting putting on make up. Its affordable price is great for those with low budget. I guess these are the reason why so many Indonesian girls love this baby so much.

    • Cheap! 
    • Matte-finished result d^.^b
    • Widely sold in every cosmetic shops.
    • Waterproof and smudgeproof (note: as long as you don't rub your eyes)
    • Good brush
    • It's got POM (it's very important so we know it's not fake/dangerous)
    •  The brush wand is too long (it'll be quite difficult to apply for beginners)
    • It takes time to dry perfectly.
    • Can't be found in big stores and drugstores.

    akses blogger error di Google Chrome (>.<)

    Sunday, 4 August 2013
    Akhirnyaa, TBI libur juga dan aku bisa bebas dari kewajiban ngajar. Bukannya nggak suka ngajar lho, tapi guru juga perlu liburan dan melakukan kegiatan yang nggak berhubungan dengan buku, murid, dan kelas. Dengan semangat 45 aku menyambut liburan karena aku bisa menyelesaikan banyak kerjaanku yang tertunda.... 

    Ngomongin soal tertunda, banyak banget list postingan yang belum sempat ditulis, beberapa sudah dalam bentuk draft, beberapa baru ide kasar aja. Mulai dari review beberapa produk makeup hasil kalap belanja sampai gosip nggak penting tapi penting untuk ditulis. Ditambah lagi tumpukan foto digital yang harus disortir kelayakannya untuk dipajang di blog. Huuff, banyak banget kan? Tapi, sekali lagi tetap semangat 45!

    Sialnya, semangat 45 untuk nulis blog ini nggak sejalan dengan blogger. Gimana mau sejalan? wong mau nulis posting aja nunggu loading halaman postingan baru bisa seabad. Nah, kaya gini nih penampakannya. 

    Awalnya aku pikir karena koneksi internetku yang nggak smart sama sekali (btw, aku lagi pake modem smart). So, kucoba pakai koneksi dari tab yang pakai provider XL. Ternyata nggak sukses juga buuu.... akhirnya sok tahu coba utak atik sana sini tapi nggak berhasil juga. Sampai frustasi tingkat tinggi *coba bayangkan seorang tya  mau jambak-jambakin jilbab sambil nangis bombay*. Merasa tertindas dan teraniaya, akhirnya aku lapor sama yang empunya blog, alias si blogger. Tapi nggak dapet tanggapan (mungkin blogger juga libur kali yee). Siaaaaal....

    Dengan rasa duka yang mendalam *halah* aku coba restart komputer (berpikir positif mungkin bukan salah blogger). Lagi-lagi nihil. Ya sudahlah, aku sign out dari blogger di komputer dan log in lewat tab. Kebetulan aku punya aplikasi blogger di tab yang jarang aku akses (tab-ku kekecilan cyiin...sakit mata kalo ngetik di tab). Entah salah apa, ada satu postingan aku yang hilang ketika aku akses dari tab. Sial dua kali lipaaaat! Mana itu postingan bikinnya setengah mampus pula... Hiks hiks hiks.

    Dua hari kemudian....

    Aku coba lagi bikin posting baru dari Chrome dan hasilnya masih sama seperti sebelumnya. Huff... tapi kali ini aku nggak mau nyerah. Iseng-iseng, aku coba akses blogger dari browser lain, Mozilla Firefox dan voila! Sukses! Aku berhasil membuat postingan baru di blogger lewat Mozilla Firefox! alhamdulillah..... legaaa....

    Sebenernya aku masih penasaran kenapa tidak bisa buat postingan baru di blogger kalo pakai browser Google Chrome dan hingga saat ini aku belum tahu jawabannya dan nggak pingin tahu juga sih. Tapi, selama aku masih bisa bikin postingan lewat Mozilla, amaaaan... aku bisa nerusin banyak postingan yang tertunda.... 

    Ya udah, gitu aja deh. Aku tahu emang ini informasi nggak penting tapi penting untuk ditulis. Udah deh, distop  sampai di sini aja. Kalo kelamaan nanti makin ngaco...

    Pesan terakhir??

    Thanks Mozilla! You are my saviour! 

    FOTD - Natural and Quick Make-up for Office and Campus!

    Thursday, 1 August 2013
    Dulu jaman kuliah dan awal-awal kerja, aku awam banget dengan yang namanya makeup. Apalagi dulu kuliah jurusan Biologi yang kerjaannya naik turun gunung dan pulau. Ber-makeup jelas amat sangat tidak praktis. Begitupun pas kerja, cuek beibeh aja sama muka. Jangankan makeup, aku aja dulu nggak pake sunblock sama sekali lhoo... ckckck...

    Setelah menikah dan punya anak, aku mulai centil dan kecebur dengan dunia makeup. Aku nggak bilang kalau aku ini pinter dandan tapi setelah melewati proses belajar secara otodidak lewat tutorial beauty vlogger, beauty blogger, nanya-nanya sama mbak BA di konter kosmetik, dan meratiin cara orang pake makeup, akhirnya aku menemukan teknikku sendiri untuk bermakeup. 

    Sekarang, tiap ke kantor pasti makeup-an. Setiap pake makeup aku selalu berusaha terlihat natural tapi nggak lebay kaya Tante Syahrini. Cukup 15 menit aja untuk makeup natural ala Tya ini (diluar pemakaian skincare yaa, kalo digabung sama skincare sekitar 20-30 menit). 

    Untuk FOTD kali ini, aku pake perlengkapan lenong berikut:

    1. E.L.F Everyday Eyes Holiday Edition (aku pakai deret ketiga warna gradasi coklat-hitam).
    2. BB Cream Caring Everlast (oke banget oil control-nya)
    3. Eye Base Viva (nggak kefoto) - ini eye base murce tapi tokcer!
    4. Milani Eye Brow Tint Pen - Felt tip brow color #02 (Dark Brown)
    5. E.L.F Liquid Eyeliner #4201 (Coffee)
    6. Pixy Blush On #03 (Orange Salmon) - warnanya natural banget!
    7. E.L.F Luscious Liquid Lip #2113 (Bark) - almost nude
    8. Maybelline Volum'Express The Falsies Waterproof Mascara (ini andalan banget deh!)
    9. Wardah TWC Light Beige
    Sedangkan perlengkapan yang aku pake adalah:
    1. Masami Shouko Eye Lid Brush - M
    2. Masami Shouko Dome Brush - M
    3. Expert eyeshadow applicator (model sponge gitu, tapi enak banget dipakenya)
    4. Blush on brush - unbranded
     dan Tadaaaaa.... inilah hasilnya! 

    Gimana menurut kalian? not bad laaah.... untuk orang awam makeup seperti aku ini...

    dan ini dia overall look untuk ke kantor hari ini 

    Di foto aku pakai blazer hitam dipaduin sama maxi dress warna pink-grey. Tapi berhubung kelas pertama yang aku ajar adalah children class, jadi aku bawa cardigan bahan rajut dengan warna hitam juga untuk ngajar di kelas itu dan sepatu crocs malindi warna pink. Kenapa? karena ngajar anak-anak itu cuapeeeek dan pasti keringetan (kebayang dong ngejar anak-anak bocah yang lari-larian). Dan nggak mungkin juga ngejar anak-anak sambil pake high heels kan? yang ada akunya kesandung dan jatoh (sakitnya sih nggak seberapa, tapi malunya itu lhoooo). 

    Sedangkan blazernya aku pake malemnya untuk ngajar kelas TOEFL Prep yang notabene isinya anak kuliahan dan orang kantoran, jadi terlihat lebih formal. Ditambah aku ganti sepatuku dengan wedges yang emang sengaja aku tinggal di kantor biar tampilannya terlihat lebih oke... 

    So that's a wrap for my FOTD! please share your comments and your suggestions about it...

    Thanks for reading! 

    Maybelline Volum' Express The Falsies Waterproof Mascara - Original VS Fake!

    Beredarnya kosmetika palsu di Indonesia memang semakin meraja lela. Apalagi sejak diberlakukannya global trading dimana penjual dari luar negeri bisa menjual produk mereka secara bebas di Indonesia. Sayangnya, kebanyakan konsumen Indonesia kurang begitu peduli dengan keaslian dari produk yang dibeli. Padahal, produk kosmetika palsu jelas sangat berbahaya, apalagi kalau kosmetika palsu tersebut berkontak langsung dengan kulit kita. 

    Salah satu produk palsu yang aku temukan adalah maskara keluaran Maybelline New York, yaitu Maybelline Volum' Express The Falsies Waterproof Mascara. Aku memang pengguna setia maskara Maybelline karena memang sudah terbukti ketangguhannya (halah!). Hampir semua varian maskara Maybelline sudah pernah aku coba langsung dan aku tidak pernah kecewa sama sekali. Tidak disangka, ternyata ada pihak tidak bertanggung jawab yang berusaha mengambil keuntungan dari kepopuleran maskara Maybelline ini dengan cara memalsukannya. Benar-benar menyebalkan! 

    Secara tidak sengaja, sebulan lalu ibuku beli maskara Maybelline The Falsies ini untuk aku karena beliau bilang harganya lagi diskon. Percaya atau tidak, maskara palsu ini hanya dibandrol 35 ribu saja! (beberapa sista di forum dandan malah bilang harganya 25 ribu bahkan 17 ribu!). Bandingkan dengan harga maskara ini di konter resmi yang mencapai 85 ribu. Semurah-murahnya harga maskara ini ketika diskon tidak mungkin dibawah 70 ribu.  

    Baiklah, mari kita kupas tuntas perbedaan dari maskara asli dan palsu ini...

    Sebenarnya dari kemasan sudah bisa dilihat perbedaannya, terutama dari warna. Maskara Maybelline asli warnanya ungu cerah, sedangkan yang palsu ungu gelap. 

     ditambah lagi perbedaan yang sangat mencolok dari penulisan namanya. Maskara asli tulisannya "The Falsies Volum'Express Waterproof". Maskara palsu tulisannya "The False Lash Volum'Express Smudgeproof".  Material kemasan pun terlihat jelas ketika plastik pembungkus dibuka. Maskara Maybelline yang asli material kemasannya plastik dan tidak mengkilap, sedangkan yang palsu menggunakan plastik mengkilap.

    Semakin terlihat jelas perbedaannya....

    Pada maskara yang asli, ada gambar brush dengan tulisan "use fanned-out brush with this side against lashes". Sedangkan pada maskara palsu, tulisannya hanya "use this side". Ketahuan banget yang malsuin males nulis banyak-banyak.

     Kalau diperhatikan lebih teliti lagi, ternyata terdapat perbedaan dalam penggunaan font (huruf) dalam penulisan barcode dan daftar komposisi. Untuk maskara yang asli, font-nya lebih rapat dan kecil tetapi tetap rapih. Sebaliknya, maskara palsu menggunakan font yang lebih besar dan spasi lebih lebar. Kelihatannya sepele ya? tapi ternyata perbedaannya sangat besar.

     Nah, ada lagi nih perbedaan dari segi kemasan. Ada logo seperti spiral dengan tulisan "WITH PRO-KREATIN + FIBERS" pada maskara yang asli. Pada maskara palsu, logonya seperi yang bisa dilihat di foto dengan tulisan "WITH COLLAGEN" yang sama persis seperti pada logo maskara Maybelline Magnum (yang warna kuning itu lhooo). Ckckckck....

    Satu lagi yang penting! maskara Maybelline yang asli selalu dilengkapi dengan keterangan alamat distributor, tanggal kadaluarsa dan juga tanggal produksi seperti yang bisa dilihat di foto berikut. Semua keterangan tersebut tidak akan ditemukan pada maskara yang palsu.

    Di pantat (ups) maskara, baik yang asli maupun yang palsu terdapat label. Setelah dipelototin, ketahuan banget deh mana yang asli dan mana yang palsu.

    Brush and Brush wand
    Setelah kedua maskara ini dibuka, makin ketahuan deh mana yang asli dan mana yang palsu. Kita mulai dengan bentuk brush wand/ganggang sikat maskaranya.

    Pada maskara yang asli, brush wand-nya bengkok. Terlihat ada lekukan di ganggangnya. Begitupun dengan brush/sikatnya juga bengkok. Nah, kalau yang palsu, brush wand-nya lurus lempeng aja nggak ada lekukan sama sekali. Sedangkan brush/sikatnya juga lurus, yang ada malah menurut aku itu miring sikatnya, bukan bengkok. 

    Sekarang kita lihat lebih dekat bentuk brush-nya...

    Setelah diperbesar dan diperhatikan secara seksama, brush maskara yang asli terlihat lebih padat sedangkan yang palsu jarang-jarang. Selain itu, brush maskara yang asli terlihat ramping. Kalau yang palsu brushnya keliatan lebih gendut. 

    Pas lagi meratiin kedua maskara ini, tiba-tiba suamiku ngeh kalo diameter tutupnya berbeda ukuran. Nah lho! makin kelihatan deh bedanya. Untuk jelasnya lihat foto di bawah. Kelihatan kan? yang palsu diameternya lebih besar dan tebal, sedangkan yang asli nggak tebal. Wah, ternyata memang mau dibikin semirip mungkin tetep aja ya ada perbedaannya.... 

    Sialnya aku, waktu awal dikasi maskara yang palsu sama ibuku, aku nggak ngeh kalo itu palsu, jadi aku sempat aplikasikan ke bulmat aku. Hasilnya? kaya nggak pake maskara! Tekturnya lebih cair dan tidak melentikkan bulmat. Beda banget sama maskara Maybelline yang asli, yang kalau dipakai tanpa jepit bulmat tetep bisa melentikkan. Ditambah lagi baunya yang menyengat tidak wajar. 

    Alhamdulillah tidak terjadi apa-apa dengan bulu mataku. Tidak terjadi kerontokan, mungkin karena begitu aku pake yang palsu dan tidak berefek apa-apa (yang ada mata malah pedes karena baunya), maskara itu langsung aku hapus dengan makeup remover. Entahlah apa yang akan terjadi kalo saat itu aku nggak langsung bersihin bulmat-ku. Mungkin bisa rontok sampe botak kali ye? Hiiiiy......

    Bagaimana mengantisipasi tertipu antara yang asli dan yang palsu?

    Intinya sista semua harus teliti dan hati-hati. Jangan tergiur dengan kosmetika murah yang tidak jelas. Selalu beli produk kosmetika di tempat yang terpercaya seperti di department store, drugstore, supermarket besar dan toko kosmetik yang sudah terpercaya. Biasanya nih, kalau di toko kosmetik, selalu ada BA dari tiap brand jadi kita juga bisa cek keasliannya. Jangan beli di toko kosmetik yang nggak ada BA-nya, kemungkinan besar mereka jual barang yang palsu. Ingat ya sista, seluruh bagian tubuh kita adalah titipan dari Tuhan yang harus kita jaga baik-baik. 

    So, be a smart buyer! 

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