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Be Careful of Scammers on Facebook!

Thursday, 17 October 2013
Lately, I've been receiving messages on my Facebook account. At first, I didn't really pay attention on those messages since I rarely open my Facebook (except when I'm having a group chat with my friends). Those messages didn't bother me much until I read a blog post on Kompasiana about scammer. What scared me to death was the story she wrote was exactly the same as what happened to me! 

The writer said that scammers are playing a con trick where they make up a Facebook account using other people's names and photos. Usually, they use photos and names of army soldiers, I mean real soldiers. These photos can be found on internet by doing some googling. I must admit that they are really smart by using soldiers since soldiers (especially Caucasians -- nope, I'm not being racist here, just stating a fact in my country) are good-looking (if not handsome) and attractive.

Moreover, the scammers then send messages to potential victims (of course women) telling them that they are soldiers who are looking for partner and they fall in love with you from the photos on your Facebook, bla bla bla.... They will bomb you with compliments, love messages, and others which apparently make some women feel like they are the most beautiful  and the luckiest women on earth. Unfortunately, that is exactly the effect they look for. When the women finally fall prey into their charm, that's the time the scammers start their con. Basically, they will say that they're going to send money to the women and the women have to take the money at the airport. Sadly, they've got problem at the airport and the women have to pay an amount of money if they want to get the money from the soldier. Well, you can guess the rest of the story.

After I read the story from Kompasiana, I checked my messages on Facebook and hell no! I got tons of messages from scammers. Fortunately, I'm not a girl next door and a goody two shoes kind of woman who easily fall into these kind of tricks. I'm married to the best man in the world, so why would I change it? In addition,  I have natives (they are from UK and they are men) as my colleagues, so it's not something extraordinary. 

However, I see that mostly Indonesian women adore bule (native people). Don't they know that they aren't as good as their appearance? Once, I walked to the ATM centre at the mall with one of my colleagues and I got a jealous look, even a dirty look from other women. Gosh, come on girls! Open up your mind! This is why there are lots of scammers because they know they can trick Indonesian women easily. 

By the way, these are messages I got in my Facebook account....
this one was quite simple.....

This one was quite simple too.

I'm not sure if this man is really a native, his writing is bad! I wonder if he graduated from primary school.

This is quite stupid. His account name's GenJack Stultz but he said that his name's Leah Serrano. Yeah, talk to my hands!

This man definitely graduated from primary school since he wrote with good composition. However, the poetry really made me sick!

Hell no! Fiancee?

No comment, I'm totally sick of these messages!

Lastly, I do hope that girls and women in Indonesia are aware of these scam. Don't let them fool you. There are plenty of good Indonesian men you can choose. If you receive the same messages just like mine, please delete them straightaway. 

Stay safe from scammers!

[FASHION] Outfit of the Day - Ravishing Red look

Friday, 11 October 2013
As my office is exactly next to the shopping centre in Depok, I can't help myself not going there every day. I usually have a short trip to the ATM centre there and do a little window-shopping just for fun. Personally, I do believe the power of retail therapy where you buy things to ease your feeling. Many celebrities have this retail therapy to help them with the fame stress. Unfortunately, sometimes it backfires on themselves where they get addicted to shopping, aka. become a shopaholic. Luckily, window shopping and a couple times of shopping are more than enough for me.

Okaaay, let's cut the crap...

What I'm trying to say is I wrote this post because I want to show you my latest look, wearing a dress I bought recently. I adore the dress so much that I wish I could wear it every day (which is totally impossible because people will think that I run out of clothes). What I love from the dress is the bold cherry-red colour, which is a really eye-catching piece of art (if I may say). So, let's take a look!

EOTD Feat. Maybelline Hyper Glossy Runaway Pop Eyeliner in #Tangerine Orange

Thursday, 10 October 2013
Hello girls!

I'm terribly sorry I haven't posted anything yet since I'm really busy lately with my jobs. Jobs? Yes, I'm working as a teacher, a mother, and a house wife at the same time. Xixixixi.

Remember my review about Maybelline Hyper Glossy Eyeliners? (read it here girls!) Since I bought them, I hadn't got any chances to put them on. So, last week, I encouraged myself to put on this orange eyeliner. It was kinda tricky to be able to create a great overall look with this eyeliner since the colour is really bright and eye-catching. Finally, after hours of consulting my best friend Shapie about this, I was able to pull off this look. Yeaaay!

Let's take a look of the photos!
Maybelline Hyper Glossy Runaway Pop Eyeliner in #Tangerine Orange

I took these photos around 9 in the morning. It was hot and sunny, as always, but I extremely LOVE the sun since it will make the photos look better with good lightning exposure (now I sound like an expert photographer X_X).

As you can see, I pulled off this eye look by combining black eyeliner (I used Wet and Wild H2O Proof liner, wait for the review later!) and the orange eyeliner from Maybelline. It was really frustrating putting on those two eyeliners because I had to make a straight line with same width (can we use this verb to describe about eyeliner??? *confuse*). To make it more difficult, I had to wait for a couple minutes before I could apply the next eyeliner. Gosh, what a hard work!

At last! It was a pay-off after I looked at the results. On that day, I was wearing a flowery, peach and green blouse, blue jeans, and a plain green cotton shawl. Since I got green colour splattered on my blouse and it was definitely the main colour of my shawl, I decided to put on green eyeshadow to line my lower eye line. What I did was I dabbed my cream eyeliner brush (it's Masami Shouko brush) with a drop of e.l.f Make Up Lock and Seal. Then I took green eyeshadow from my LT Pro Eyeshadow Shiny Palette (it's got a very gorgeous green colour!) and lined it on my lower eye line. Awesome!

I remember it was Saturday and I was teaching two children classes. On my first class, it was full of very young English learner. I was singing and dancing with them when suddenly one of my student jumped on my back and literally pulled my shawl! Fortunately, it wasn't ripped. But then again, I had to take a short trip to the toilet to fix my shawl. Gosh! I've never known that teaching children could be so dangerous! After the toilet trip, this was my shawl looked like...

What do you think, girls? I did this turban style not only because the previous style was a bit dangerous (in children class), but also because the shawl itself was kinda wrinkled. I hate wrinkled shawls and veils! That's a BIG NO for me. I have no idea whether it is a AYE or NAY for this style. Fortunately, so far no one gives bad comments, which is good/bad ???

Well, I guess it's a wrap for my EOTD Feat. Maybelline Hyper Glossy Runaway Pop Eyeliner in #Tangerine Orange. Thanks for reading! 

PS. These are products I used to create this look
Skin care
- Hada Labo Ultimate Whitening Lotion and Milk
- Skin Aqua UV Moisture Gel SPF 30 PA++
- Etude Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Berry face primer
- Revlon Colorstay 24 Hr Foundation #220 Medium Beige
- Maybelline Hyper Glossy Runaway Pop Eyeliner in #Tangerine Orange
- Wet and Wild H2O Proof Liner in Black
- elf Eyebrow Kit in #Medium
-  LT Pro Perfecting Blush in #03
- Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Creme in #117 Almost Nude
- Wardah TWC

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