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[PREGNANCY] Facts about my pregnancy - Just sharing ^.^

Monday, 30 June 2014
Well, I can say that I am a proud mom-to-be. Being pregnant is a precious moment I will never forget. I believe all of you have the same opinion as me (even though you aren't married yet). As I told you before, I'm expecting my second baby boy (YES! It's a boy! Again) around mid-July. It means I only have about 2 weeks before the delivery and I have an urge to blab about my pregnancy. So, this it it! 

  1. I didn't realise I was pregnant until the baby was 12 weeks old! 
  2. I checked my pregnancy twice using different brands and they failed! Even though I already gave 1 week gap between tests. 
  3. The third time I checked, it was positive! Yeeeaaay!
    The result!

Sorry for MIA for almost half of the year!

Monday, 23 June 2014
Dear all my loyal readers.....

I am truly sorry for not writing enough in my blog (hiks....). To be honest, I have no intention to do it. It's just my life is getting busier, especially when I found out that I was pregnant early this year. I didn't realise I was pregnant until the baby was about 10 weeks old! Doh, what an ignorant mother I am! Moreover, I was totally preoccupied with my study. Last semester I was struggling with my 24 credits study. I know, I shouldn't have taken too many credits, but I want to finish my study soon. Anyway, If only I knew I would have a baby, I wouldn't have taken 24 credits last semester. 

Okaaaay, enough with all the excuses! 

I have so many drafts waiting in my blog to be posted. Most of them, of course, are about beauty and cosmetic reviews. Though now I rarely put on some make-up (basically I only put some lip gloss, eyeliner, and loose powder) because of the pregnancy, I will try to finish all the reviews so that you can read them all. So please, be patient.... 


Since I'm now in my third semester pregnancy phase (it's already 36 weeks now!), I have a huge urge to write about my pregnancy. Hope, those posts about my pregnancy and motherhood won't bring you to boredom land (specially you who are still single, please just ignore the posts and read other posts, ok).

Again, thank you for still visiting my blog. 

Keep reading, sista! 

With love,

This pic was taken when I was 7 months pregnant

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