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Wednesday, 5 August 2015
Happy Tuesday, ladies!

Seperti biasa di awal bulan aku akan membahas tentang produk kecantikan apa saja yang aku beli sepanjang bulan lalu. Tanpa banyak basa-basi, ini dia!

[HAUL] June 2015 Beauty Haul

Sunday, 5 July 2015
Happy Sunday, sista!

Sesuai janjiku untuk konsisten menulis apa saja beauty haul aku di tiap bulannya, postingan kali ini tentu saja isinya adalah semua tetek bengek perlenongan yang aku boyong selama kurun waktu satu bulan (haiyaa, bahasanya cuuy). Penasaran apa saja yang aku beli di bulan ini? Simak terus yaa...

[HAUL] May 2015 Beauty Haul

Sunday, 31 May 2015
Happy Weekend, ladies! 

Meskipun cuaca panas terik, aku tetep lanjut doong bikin postingan di akhir bulan Mei ini. Kali ini aku mau mencoba me-rekap apa aja perintilan kecantikan, mulai dari makeup sampai skincare yang aku borong selama bulan Mei. Kira-kira apa aja yaaa????

[HAUL] Do Best Japan Makeup Haul

Monday, 18 May 2015
Assalamualaikum, ladies!

Di hari Senin ini, aku mau share beauty haul aku bulan April lalu. Beauty Haul ini aku beli sama teman yang buka PO Do Best Japan. Do Best ini merupakan brand Jepang yang mengeluarkan 'dollar-store products', alias satu harga, yaitu 100 Yen. Do Best sendiri memiliki beberapa anak brand, seperti AC Makeup, Loujene, dan masih banyak lagi. Meskipun harganya murce (yang kalau dirupiahkan sekitar 35-40 ribu), kosmetik dari Do Best ini nggak murahan lho dan dijamin 100% asli no abal-abal.

Beauty haul kali ini aku beli nggak banyak, cuma 4 item aja. Hehehe. Sebenernya sih mau beli lebih banyak lagi, tapi apa daya dana belum mumpuni, jadi aku beli yang penting aja. Apa aja yang aku beli? Simak terus yaa...

[REVIEW] Ellips Makeup Brush Set

Sunday, 3 May 2015
Hello ladies!

Beberapa minggu yang lalu aku membeli makeup brush set dari Ellips hasil racun dari salah satu besties-ku, Nuri Adlina (fyi, dia ini MUA dan juga salah satu owner Bunny Lashes yang kece badai). Waktu kita berdua sedang ketemuan, Nuri nunjukin brush set-nya (yang katanya selalu dibawa kemana-mana). Seperti biasa aku kepo colek-colek brush dia dan juga tes colok-colokin ke muka (OMG, bahasa apa ini?), ternyata bulunya haluus dan lembuut.

Awalnya aku kira kalau brush set itu dari brand Coastal Scent, eeeh taunya merek Ellips. Iya, Ellips yang ngeluarin produk vitamin rambut itu. Kaget doong, karena dari penampakan bener-bener mirip. Makin kaget lagi ketika tahu harganya yang cuma IDR 50 ribu aja. Beruntung sekali, salah satu teman rumpi makeup tahu seller yang jual produk ini jadi langsung lah cuss beli makeup brush set ini.

Sudah nggak sabar ingin mengintip isi makeup brush set ini? Ini dia reviewnya...

[HAUL] Today's Beauty Haul at Guardian Grand Indonesia

Monday, 27 April 2015
There is one thing that can make a woman happy... Yap, shopping it is! Especially when you are buying makeup and beauty stuffs. It will really make my day, just like today. After attending +Kawaii Beauty Japan Blogger Gathering last Saturday, I went to Grand Indonesia to have dinner with my husband. 

After our meal, I passed Guardian store and noticed that they had special weekend promo. Some products were on sale and some were in a promo +1,000 and get 1 free. Without further ado, here are the beauty products I bought. 

[HAUL] Makeup Revolution Haul Unwrapped!

Wednesday, 21 January 2015
Happy weekend, ladies!

Beware of racun makeup *makeup poison, that will blow your mind, ladies! 

At first, I had no idea about this Makeup Revolution brand until my beloved friend Manda (check her blog here!) told me about it. When she showed me the photos, I was captivated by them! I remember there was only one thing on my head: "I must get all of those!" We decided to order since they accept Paypal for the payment. Moreover, we ordered because Rhodri (he's my colleague at TBI) was having his Christmas and New Year holiday in his hometown in King's Lynn. It was such a coincidence! He agreed to bring the makeup all the way to Indonesia! Yeaaay! *big kisses and hugs for you, man!*

However, it was a bumpy road to order these babies. Gosh, Manda and I had to check on every single option we had to be able to order. We surely missed the Black Friday promo and the Christmas promo. We also had problem with the payment. Though they accept Paypal, apparently they don't accept Indonesia Paypal account! It really sucks! We also had to deal with Rhodri's address at the UK for the shipping (at that time, he was in Singapore to extend his visa in Indonesia). We were so desperate to have these makeup on our hands. Finally, after weeks trying so hard, God answered our prayers! Lemme tell you, It was extremely tiring! 

 I have to admit that this is the biggest haul from one brand I've ever done so far! so when Rhodri was back safe and sound in Indonesia this week and bring these babies to me, it was like heaven! I was really on cloud nine! Well, I AM still on cloud nine until now. ^.^ So, are you ready to see the babies??? Here we go!Oh, if you wanna see what Manda bought, check it here.

[HAUL] Mazaya - Quick Review & First Impression

Friday, 12 December 2014
Morning ladies!

Kembali lagi dengan postingan beauty haul yang sempat menumpuk karena kesibukan (bukan sok sibuk lhoo). Kali ini aku mau sharing beauty haul-ku dari Mazaya. Adakah yang pernah denger atau tahu brand ini? Yap,brand ini emang belum lama wara-wiri di dunia perlenongan Indonesia. Tapiii, bagi kalian yang suka perawatan di klinik kecantikan pasti sudah nggak asing dengan brand Immortal yang terkenal itu. Nah, Mazaya ini adalah brand yang resmi dikeluarkan oleh Immortal. Jadi, kalian gak usah kuatir apakah brand ini abal-abal atau bukan. 

Seperti yang ditulis di dalam web resmi Mazaya, brand ini adalah brand asli Indonesia dan untuk kualitasnya nggak perlu diragukan lagi. Mazaya memproduksi semua produknya dengan standar sertifikasi ISO yang sudah diakui di seluruh dunia (ISO 19001, ISO 18001, ISO 14001, dan ISO 22716). Kamu juga nggak perlu kuatir akan keamanan produk ini karena semua produk Mazaya telah terdaftar di BPOM dan juga sudah mendapatkan sertifikasi halal dari MUI. Keren kan?

Mazaya tidak hanya mengeluarkan line skincare saja, tetapi juga makeup dekoratif, bodycare dan spa, dan haircare. Pokoknya komplit deh. Untuk lebih jelasnya, kamu bisa langsung kepo-in website-nya Mazaya.

Facebook: Mazaya.kosmetik
Instagram: @mazayaindonesia

Nah, aku mau sharing kesan pertamaku menggunakan beberapa produk Mazaya. Yuk kita lihat....

[HAUL] ELF Beauty Haul - First Impression

Tuesday, 9 December 2014
Happy December, girls

I've been meaning to write a post about my latest ELF beauty haul, but somehow I could never find some time to write it. All thanks to my lil' baby boy who keeps waking up in the middle of the night.

Even though ELF is a hit or miss brand, it is still one of my favourite makeup products although it's kinda hard to buy their products here in Indonesia. I usually buy them online but, again, it depends on the seller's stocks. That's why I'm so freaking happy when I know elf is having its official web store in Indonesia. Yeeeaaay! It's just like having an early Christmas (even though I don't celebrate it). In the web store, you may find elf most selling and popular products but not all are available there.

Back to the haul, I have no idea that I've purchased bunch of their products in the last couple of months. Since I haven't got much time either, this post will be about my first impression of the products. Anyway, the products are in order of purchase.

November Beauty Haul - Part 1

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

How's life going, girls? Yesterday I went shopping with my husband at Margo City and Detos, Depok. At first, I didn't plan to buy stuffs but I bumped into some cute things and I couldn't resist myself not to buy them. LOL.

So, here are things I bought yesterday...

I bought these all, of course, with a purpose. Apparently, I ran out of body mist and perfumes. The last body mist I had at home was Playboy Play me sexy! The smell was sweet and fresh. I loved it  and finished it to the last spray but I wanted to try others (who knows I'd find one which smells good as well). Then, while I was window-shopping, one of the shop assistant sprayed me with the body mist. It wasn't really bad, so I gave it a try. I was going to buy only one body mist but the shop assistant insisted me on buying a package of 3 body mists with a special price. Finally, I ended up buying the package. The good thing was I could choose the variant I like. So far, I like all the smell. 

FYI, the orange one smells exactly like Angel from Thierry Mugler! 

On the way home, I asked my husband to stop at the drugstore. Since I'm on a skin treatment using Vitacid (gonna tell you about this later), I must buy this sunblock. Actually, I can use other sunblock (I have Skin Aqua at home which I always use every day) but I feel more secure using Parasol. So, with IDR 48,000, I brought this sunblock home with me.

Lastly, I adopted this lipcream from NYX for IDR 95,000. Well, the price isn't cheap, but the result is AWESOME! The creamy texture makes it really smooth on my (usually) dry lips. The colour is Stockholm, which is a nude colour, again. ^.^

That's all folks! Hope you enjoy it and please wait for all the reviews. I cannot promise you much, but I'll try to write the reviews as soon as possible...


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