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Red My Lips Campaign 2015 - Be the Warrior to raise awareness about sexual violance

Wednesday, 1 April 2015
Welcome April!

The first day in April, which is widely known as April Mop, is usually celebrated by doing some pranks to others. Well, in Indonesia we actually don't have that kind of culture though young people here start following and doing it. I personally loathe doing pranks since most of the pranks will lead to a problem. 

Since I am sometimes an anti mainstream person, this April I'm joining a campaign on raising awareness about sexual violence. This campaign is called 'RED MY LIPS'. If you haven't known yet, April is a Sexual Assault Awareness Month, this is why the campaign is held in this month.  My former teacher buddy, Sherly, invited me to join this campaign on Facebook a couple months ago. After reading its mission, I was looking forward to April to come. Finally, now it is officially April!

For you who are curious about this campaign, I will copy the campaign details taken from their website at

Imagine a world where we could stand together in strength...instead of silence?

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